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Vaginal Steaming (aka yoni steam, v-steam, bajo) is a practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina. Respected by healers around the globe, vaginal steaming is an opportunity to reconnect with your body and utilize the wisdom of herbal medicine to heal your cycle. 


The combination of herbs work to nourish, tone, heal, bring in fresh oxygenated blood, promote cleansing, and supply the vaginal area and uterine tissues. The moist heat opens the pores of the tissues it comes into contact with. The water vapor carries the medicinal benefits of the plants, including volatile oils. This is absorbed into the tissues and enters the bloodstream, having a direct healing effect on the reproductive system. Vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent of the entire female body. It is recommended having a vaginal steam once to twice per month. The vaginal steam session last around 30-45 minutes; depending on your need. You will sit over a hot steam of herbs in a serenity setting while detoxifies inside and out.  


We offer four different types of vaginal steam herbal blends. Your vaginal steam practitioner will help determine the herbal blend that is right for you through your online questionnaire form.   

All of our herbal blends are mixed into formulas. Each formula has herbal properties for clearing the uterus from stagnation, improving vaginal flora, increasing circulation and regularizing the cycle. Each blend also has specific herbs based on the type of menstrual cycle imbalance or side effects a cycle might be experiencing.




The Cleansing Herb formula is the strongest herbal blend on hand. It includes a strong dose of herbs with properties to clear stagnation out of the uterus and improve blood circulation to the mid-section. The herbs included may promote circulation, balance the vaginal flora, improve scent, tone skin, clear out excess mucus and nourish the reproductive organs. Including Rose  Petals, White Sage and Parsley among others, these herbs provide beauty to all of the senses. 


This blend is for: 

  • Postpartum Users (during the 1-2 week time period after giving birth) 

  • Users with Normal or Long Menstrual Cycles (28 Days or Longer) 

  • Users with Missing Periods 

  • Users with Periods that are controlled with oral contraceptives (and the cycle is 28 days or longer) 




The Gentle Herbs are designed to help mildly clear the uterus from stagnation while also having the added benefit of possibly lengthening menstrual cycles and stopping fresh spotting or interim bleeding. It includes citrus peel, astragalus, peppermint and additional herbs formulated for these types of cycles. 


This blend is for: 

  • Users Prone to Short Menstrual Cycles (27 days or less) 

  • Users Who Have Experienced Interim Bleeding (fresh spotting or spontaneous bleeding between periods) anytime in the past 3 months 

  • Users Who Have Experienced Two Periods Per Month anytime over the past 3 months 

  • Postpartum moms who are experiencing heavy blood flow, whose periods return before 9 months 

  • postpartum or who have a history of short menstrual cycles 




The cooling herbs are specially designed for women experiencing night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness or living in hot climates. It includes herbs that help to nourish, moisturize and cool down, as well as tonify the kidneys and provide circulation. Some of the main actors are kelp, white peony root and calendula. 


This blend is for: 

  • Hot flashes 

  • Night sweats 

  • Vaginal Dryness 

  • Users Living in Hot Climates 

  • Hysterectomies 

  • Infections or Viruses accompanied by vaginal dryness or burning 



The tightening herb is designed to tighten the vaginal walls which can enhance sexual pleasure and give more confidence to the woman during penetration. The blend can enhance pleasure during intimate time with your partner. 


The blend is for:  

  • Looseness after pregnancy   

  • Vaginal walls tightening 


Herbs Formula Disclaimer

We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products.  Information and statements about the products on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. If you have or suspect a


medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. Purchaser assumes all risks of usage.


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    Vaginal Steam aids as an internal cleanser of the membranes of the vaginal tissues and the uterus. This is considered extremely important for stagnant fertility conditions, and/or incomplete emptying of menses each cycle. Signs of this are PMS, cramps during your period, brown blood/dark blood/purple blood during menstruation, blood clotting during menstruation, endometriosis, absence of menstruation, long cycles, or bleeding less than 4 days per cycle. If you have any of the below conditions, we would recommend for you to consider vaginal steam: Painful menstrual cycles Uterine control Uterine prolapse Uterine fibroids Unpredictable menstrual cycles Ovarian growths Endometriosis Regenerative attachment/scar tissue Vaginal tear/episiotomy.
    The following are hard contraindications where steaming should never be done. Pregnancy Active menstruation Active fresh spotting 2 periods per month (spontaneous bleeding) TTC after insemination There are also some soft contraindications where it's up to the user whether or not they would like to steam. It's possible that the steam could interfere with the interventions they have in place. Tied tubes (coagulation) Nexplanon (or thick lining birth control) Uterine ablation Burning/itchy infections
    It is recommended having a vaginal steam once to twice per month.
    The vaginal steaming session last around 30-45 minutes; depending on your personal need. e)
    You will first consult with your vaginal steam practitioner to decide which blend is best for you. We will provide you with a vaginal steaming gown and ask you to undress from your waist down You will sit over a hot steam of herbs via a vaginal steaming seat in a private serenity setting for 30 -45 minutes; depending on your personal need.
    Most of the side-effects reported while steaming are positive. Users have reported better sleep, decreased swelling in legs and feet, decreased abdominal bloating, slimmer waistline, increased libido, decrease in breast soreness, fewer headaches, fewer PMS symptoms, increased energy, lucid dreams, tingling feet and increased lubrication. However, some undesirable side effects might also occur.
    If steaming shortens the amount of days in your menstrual cycle and it is 27 days or less, then you should switch to the Gentle Herb blend.
    If you develop a headache after steaming this may mean that you are dehydrated. Just like when you spend time in a jacuzzi or full body sauna, it is important to make sure to drink enough fluids. If you are not dehydrated, a headache after steaming may be a sign that the steam session increased your circulation too quickly. In this case, reduce the length of the steam session to 20 min or less. You can gradually increase the length of the sessions by 5 min at a time.
    Aching feet (as opposed to tingling feet reported as a good thing) also may be a sign that the steam session increased your circulation too quickly. In this case, reduce the length of the steam session.
    If you start to bleed unexpectedly with heavy bleeding and you are on menstrual cycle day 20 or less, this may be a sign that the steam session was too hot for your body. You can continue your steam plan with Gentle Herbs only but you must reduce the steam sessions to the mild steam for only steam for 10 minutes. Do not start your steam plan again until all bleeding has stopped.
    Sometimes someone feels like they got an infection after steaming because they have increase or clumpy discharge. In fact, the steaming is a cleanse and the way that it helps clear up infections is by first clearing out all of the irregular mucus which has bacteria, yeast or viruses in it. If you have mucus discharge after steaming that is a good sign that the cleanse is working.
    The bladder is right next to the vagina so sometimes the steam stimulates it giving the sensation to urinate. Go to the bathroom and empty your bladder and continue steaming. The sensation usually goes away after few minutes.
    If cramping occurs after steaming, this might be a sign that some old residue has loosened up and the uterus is going to try to help get it out by contracting. Cramping might also increase during menstruation. If either of these occurs, it is recommended to increase the amount of herbs that you are using to help loosen up the old residue even more.
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