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Do you suffer from unexplained migraines, constant bloating, poor digestion, uncontrolled sugar cravings, constipation, inflammation, low energy, sore joints, allergies, recurring infections, or a general feeling of toxicity that doctors cannot seem to “figure out”?

Through various screening testing and nutritional changes, our detoxification program will help identify the root cause to what is causing inflammation or illness in your body.   This type of assessment allows us to structure a tailored detoxification program based on your individual need. We also monitor your progress throughout your program to ensure your body is effectively eliminating and reducing the toxic load to ultimately help U achieve your health goals.  

 Detoxification is a core concept of natural medicine as it helps to renew and refresh systems in the body that may not be working optimally. Detoxification helps to up-regulate metabolism, refresh hormonal health, slow the ageing process and restore immune system health. People feel fresher and brighter, and energy improves as cellular health is revitalized.

Signs and symptoms of toxicity

  • Bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain or feeling sluggish or nauseas after eating

  • Sluggish metabolism

  • Recurrent headaches or migraines

  • Muscle aching and weakness

  • Nerve pain or numbness

  • Lowered immunity or allergies

  • Poor short-term memory or concentration

  • Sensitivity to environmental chemicals and strong odors e.g., perfumes

  • Chronic fatigue and lethargy

  • Depression, anxiety and mood swings

  • Hormonal problems such as PMS, heavy, painful or irregular periods

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