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Getting in shape and losing weight can be challenging but it can get even harder when you’ve started a family, have to manage a job and responsibilities, or don’t have the right support. It’s hard to know what to eat for proper nutrition and what kind of fitness helps you reach your goals.


Reinvent U Boot Camps & Wellness Personal Training created an all-inclusive fitness and nutrition solution for people who have real lives and need real direction. Our personal training program was designed for people who have the same fears and challenges the rest of us face. Those unsure how to combine nutrition and fitness for optimal health; who have struggled with other programs or “commercial” trainers; those who are motivated but lack guidance; and those with a lack of motivation but want real change.


Customized Programming: No two people are the same which means you need accessible options and training that suits your lifestyle. That’s why we offer a training options to ensure you find something that holds you accountable.  

Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment:

We start every program with a comprehensive lifestyle assessment which consist of a metabolic assessment, PH balance urine test, detox assessment, stress assessment, weight, and measurements. A report and plan is provided. Reassessments are done every 4 to 8 weeks.

Detox & Meal Plan

You will receive a detox, meal plan and a food swap list to help you make healthier choices to fit your goals and lifestyle.

1-on-1 Sessions

We are not a big box gym. Our goal is to truly focus all of our attention on one client at a time. You will get better results training in your own space with our expert trainers. Our 1-on-1 sessions are 45 minutes and are tailored specifically for your goals and needs.

Small Group Sessions (2-3 people)

Our small group sessions are individualized 45 minute training sessions with 2-3 other individuals in a open space. These sessions follow a program just as you would in a 1 on1 setting but exercises are tailored to each individual specific to your goals. All exercises and weights are tracked just like we would in a 1-on-1 setting while building camaraderie with other members.

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