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Being a Reinvent U Wellness Brand Ambassador plays a vital part in spreading awareness of the
importance of our natural health & wellness products using social media platform right at your


As a brand ambassador you can share your obsession with our products with others and promote
our awesome brand and make some money doing it.   
*Only open to US residents at this time.

How It Works
Our Brand Ambassador program is our way of saying THANK YOU!
Every Brand Ambassador will receive a tracking discount code. Every time someone purchases
products through your tracking discount code you are rewarded. The more you promote; the
more benefits you'll receive.

Free products
Monthly special discount codes
$$ Commissions $$ (extra income)
Ambassador Requirements

All Brand Ambassadors are required to complete the following:
Follow us on our social media platform:
Like our Facebook page: @Reinventubootcamps
Follow our Instagram: @reinventubootcamps
Post an image of any Reinvent U Wellness product with hashtag #teamReinventU twice a
month on Facebook and Instagram pages. *There's absolutely no fee to join.

Program Details


  • The Brand Ambassador Program consists of 3 levels.

  • Every applicant automatically becomes a Brand Ambassador (Level 1) and receives a one-time personal discount code.

Leveling Up:


  • In order to earn bonus opportunities or Level Up to receive additional rewards, ambassadors
    must meet the eligibility requirements listed on the "Reward Structure" table above.

  • "Months" are calculated as 30 day periods starting from your first day as an ambassador (signup).

  • You can only receive Swag benefits one time for each Bonus opportunity or level reached.

  • We can only ship swag bags and products to addresses within the United States.



  • VIP Brand Ambassador: Once reached, guaranteed to stay at this level for 6 months. Then must maintain monthly $750 sales minimum (can be average of past 3 months) or move down.

  • All-Star Brand Ambassador: Once reached, guaranteed to stay at this level for 6 months. Then must maintain monthly $3,000 sales minimum (can be average of past 3 months) or move down.

  • These guaranteed minimum time periods also apply when moving down a level (and not just when leveling up).

  • Tracking Discount Code - Any eligible order that uses your Tracking Discount Code will earn you commissions. These codes may be limited to NEW customers only.  You will also be given a tracking code for recurrent customers.



  • A report will be emailed to you showing your sales and commission for the month.

  • Commissions are paid out monthly once the total amount reaches a minimum of $20.

  • Commissions are paid out at the end of the month and cover commissions earned during the previous calendar month(s).

  • Ambassadors cannot receive commission or sales credit on their own orders, orders shipped to their address, or orders from another ambassador.

  • Ambassadors cannot receive commission or sales credit on any orders using their personal discount code.

  • To receive commission credit using your tracking code, every purchase must be made directly using the code.

  • Commissions are calculated based on the Discount Subtotal of each purchase it and does not include shipping charges.

  • All commissions are paid through PayPal. Ambassadors must sign up for a Paypal account using the same email address listed in their account.

  • All commissions paid out through Paypal that are not claimed within 30 days will automatically be forfeited.


  • Swag kits may take up to 30 days to ship.

  • For VIP and All-Star ambassadors, we will try to send you your free products based on your stated preference, but this is not guaranteed.

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