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Stretch Therapy is a practice that involves manually guiding you through a sequence of stretches on one of our comfortable massage tables. These stretches will help relax and elongate the muscles, reduce stiffness or soreness, and increase your mobility and range of motion. No more guessing what to do or how to do it. Just lay down, relax, and let a professional optimize your health one stretch at a time.

The Benefits of Stretch Therapy

Eliminate Pain & Muscle Tension
We often mask pain with medication and never explore the root cause of the problem. We must learn to stretch and move to get reconnected with our body, so we can get back on the right track of releasing the tension that’s causing the pain and muscle tension which will help bring our body to a state of peace.
Increased Energy
Our stretch therapy sessions will help increase your blood flow, which will in return give you more energy.
Stress Reduction & Improve Mood & Sleep
Focus on your breathing in a calming and welcoming environment, while a professional reduces tension throughout your entire body. We promise you will notice the benefits immediately.
Improve Posture and Relaxation
One of the first signs of aging is poor posture. We will gently stretch the tight muscles along the spine to help improve your posture and relax your entire body.
Increased Mental Clarity
We have a series of stretches that will help improve the blood flow to your brain, which will in turn offer you better mental clarity.
Speed Up Recovery
After a taxing training session, one of the best things you can do to speed up the recovery process is to increase circulation, bringing new blood with fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Plus, the delayed onset of muscle soreness typically results in pain and stiffness and stretch therapy can certainly help to alleviate these symptoms.
Stretch Session


30 minutes

Four (4) Stretch Session Package

60 Minutes each

$320.00 ($40.00 savings)

Four (4) Stretch Sessions Package

30 minutes each

$180.00 ($20.00 savings)

Stretch Session


90 minutes

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