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Working 4 Wellness

is a uniquely specialized, highly qualified resource for corporate wellness and fitness education for employees. An effective employee wellness program is a great way for employers to reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, and improve engagement and overall well-being. Other benefits for implementing an employee wellness program are:

  • Wellness Programs can create a less stressful environment which can, in turn, lead to higher levels of employee happiness.

  • Wellness Programs can create a less stressful environment which can, in turn, lead to higher levels of employee happiness.

  • Wellness Program can help prevent and reduce illness which can be harmful to your employees and a hindrance to productivity.

  • Wellness Program reduces health care costs and the strain that is placed on organizations when employees miss work due to illness.

Our Working 4 Wellness focuses on the physical, emotional and mental well- being. Whether you are looking to change or improve your company's culture or simply want to reduce your healthcare cost, we offer a selection of employee wellness program packages that are flexible to meet your organization's employee wellness needs.



Studies suggest that people who exercise during the workday experience less mid-afternoon fatigue than those who don't. Our group fitness instructors are certified and/or have the necessary license to teach their corresponding group fitness class. We bring a unique approach to physical fitness that will keep your employees engaged, fit, healthy, and coming back for more!!



Wellness Coaching boosts program engagement and research shows that live wellness coaching has led current health programs to boost their enrollment and continued long-term engagement. Using one-on-one wellness coach can be conducive to engaging those who may not otherwise be inclined to participate in a wellbeing program. Plus, the personalization of a wellness coach encourages accountability and fosters a sense of validation and motivation.



Our Behavioral Wellness Program offers critical incident stress management support services to managers and employees to help them cope with the impact of any workplace event that may disrupt the present or future productivity of your workforce due to psychological stress or trauma. Traumatic or stressful incidents may take a toll not only on individual employees, but on the organization itself.

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