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Just when you thought you couldn’t burn unwanted fat and increase your metabolism, here comes Yeso Therapy!!! Yeso therapy also known as plaster therapy can tone, contour your body and nourish your skin all in one session. 
What To Expect During Yeso Treatment
A cast will be applied to the area of choice, which takes approximately an hour. For optimal absorption, the casting applied in a yeso therapy session should stay on for at least four to eight hours. That means you will be taking off the cast at home. We provide written instructions for removing the cast and you will be required to send updated pictures of your progress once you have removed it.
Most clients will see noticeable results after a single yeso treatment. However, for more dramatic results and to maintain a toned areas, yeso therapy is typically done in 6 to 12 sessions (depending on client goals). The number of sessions required depends on several other factors, including overall health, genetics and eating habits. Once your initial treatment series is done, we recommend a single treatment each month for maintenance.
Benefits Of Yeso Treatment
Yeso therapy can help you achieve dramatic results up to 10-inch reduction in waistline (after completing full treatment series)! Yeso treatments also hydrate and rejuvenate skin for firmer, fuller texture.
Say Yes To Yeso
Yeso therapy is completely non-invasive and safe for nearly everyone. If you want to use your own body heat and metabolic processes to reveal slimmer, more toned abs, thighs and arms, say yes to Yeso.
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