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Hair shedding and hair loss can happen to anyone.  Hair shedding is a normal and common occurrence. Hair shedding can happen during the warmer months of the year or after a stressful event such as going through a divorce or losing a job. It's normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs per day.

Hair loss, however, is different from hair shedding. Hair loss occurs when something stops the hair from growing. The medical term for this condition is pattern hair loss.  A common medical condition that causes hair loss is Alopecia areata which occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles.  

Scalp Electroporation has been clinically shown to be highly effective in producing 38% more hair cell growth in 28 days, complete cell restoration in 55 days, and ultimately 600 percent improvements in hair thickness when used together with the correct treatment ingredients.   You can see the effects from the moment you shower after the first treatment.  You’ll notice the hair-fall during the shower will be substantially less than before, if not even zero.  This is largely because of the ingredients EV-Cytokines which are proven to have bio-signaling effects.  They kick-start existing hair cells into action to reverse aging, improve blood circulation and promote hair growth.   By delivering the EV-Cytokines to the subcutaneous level where the papilla is found, hair can be activated to grow in the most efficient way.


During the treatment, a small quantity of hair growth mesotherapy formula is applied directly into the scalp. While oral medications have to pass through the digestive system before being absorbed into the bloodstream, electroporation guarantees the formula is delivered directly to the scalp. This method multiplies the effects of the formula and can provide more effective

results than oral or topical solutions alone.

benefits of scalp electroporation
  • Improves blood circulation to the scalp, leading to more growth

  • Prevents the shortening of the hair growth cycle, a common occurrence in hair loss caused by DHT ( DHT is a product of testosterone, high levels can shrink the hair follicle )

  • Reduces hair oxidation and discoloration, leaving strands healthy and youthful

  • Improves the ECM proteins in dermal papilla surrounding hair bulb, which better anchors hair to the scalp and increases likelihood of long growth.

  • Non-invasive and needle-free

  • 92% success rate

  • No electrodes hence no electrolysis reaction

  • Direct transfer of active ingredients through the skin without any needles

  • Painless

  • No damage to tissue and cells

  • Improves serum absorption by 17X

  • Controlled, precise and homogeneous serum delivery

  • Capable of transdermal delivery of macromolecules

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