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Our lash extensions are 100% quality and 100% safe. They’re made of a premium synthetic material and undergo a double heat-roll process to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful curl. Our expert lash stylists will work with you to select the lash extensions that best complement your face, lifestyle and desired look. Our highly professional trained staff, products and comforting atmosphere makes Reinvent U Spa & Wellness the best choice for all eyelash needs. Our eyelash stylist has options that include:

  • Classic Lash Extension

  • Hybrid Lash Extension

  • Volume Lash Extension

  • Colored Lash Extensions

  • Mega Volume Extension

Classic Lashes
Full Set

1 hour 30 mins

Classic lashes are single extensions in a similar thickness to your own lashes that are placed onto each natural eyelash giving you that classy and natural look you are looking for.


Full Set:                                 $120.00

2 weeks fill in                        $60.00

3 weeks fill in                        $70.00

Mega Volume Full Set

2 hours 30 minutes

Mega Volume lashes are glued together by hand to create a full and beautiful “fan” guaranteed to frame your eyes in an effortlessly glamourous look.

Full Set:                                  $260.00

2 weeks Fill in:                       $130.00

3 weeks fill in:                        $150.00

Hybrid Lashes Full Set

1 hour 30 mins

Hybrid lashes are a mix of volume and classic lash extensions applied to each natural lash, creating a beautiful glamour and sexy look. 


Full Set:                          $150.00 

2 weeks fill in:                $75.00

3 weeks fill in:                $85.00

Lash Removal

30 minutes

We use a high-quality solvent to breakdown the adhesive bond to remove the lash extensions painlessly.  This service includes a deep cleanse lash bath.   If you have lashes from another studio, please schedule a lash removal and a full set.  


Volume Lashes Full Set

2 hours

Volume lashes are multiple light weight extensions attached to one natural lash to give you more dimension and texture adding a striking richness to your overall look.


Full Set:                   $180.00

2 weeks fill in          $90.00            

3 weeks fill in          $100.00